All youth in the 6th - 8th grades are welcome to share in donuts, reading and lively discussion of the Gospel. This class meets from 10:15 am - 11:15 am, at the Molly’s House youth building (2119 Coliseum Street) and join their families for Holy Eucharist in the church.This community is mentored by Curt Flournoy, Karrie Hovis, and Callie Taylor, and organized by Mother Jane-Allison Wiggin-Nettles.

Rite-13 meets every Sunday except school holidays and important church holidays. 

Twice a year, we celebrate in church those who have celebrated their 13th birthdays and entered into their teenage years. This class follows the Journey to Adulthood curriculum for Rite-13.


The Reverend Jane-Allison Wiggin-Nettles
Associate Rector, Youth and Family Ministries

Office: (504) 670-2516

Mobile: (504) 295-1375

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