Polly Bond 2023

General Excellence

Best Email/Digital Newsletter/Magazine for Parish/Cathedral

Goals of the Entry:

Emailed weekly on Wednesday, Trinity Connects is meant to offer something formative (such as a theological reflection, parishioner story, service highlight) showcase our featured events, offer a few announcements, and encourage folks to visit our website for any additional information. The main goals of the 'revamped' Trinity Connects (since August 2022) are to decrease the amount of text in our emails, drive users to our website, offer more content in the form of videos, and convey what's going on at church in a simplified, modern and clean way that honors our brand and mirrors our website style.

Audience of the Entry:

Subscribers to our weekly newsletter - our church members, but also newcomers who have recently signed up and are getting to know our community.

Newsletter Links:

Trinity Connects - August 3, 2022:  https://conta.cc/3Qj6nfA

Trinity Connects - September 28, 2022:  https://conta.cc/3LMNKiO

Trinity Connects - November 2, 2022:  https://conta.cc/3FByF2L

Trinity Connects - November 9, 2022:  https://conta.cc/3Tjy5K3

Trinity Connects - November 16, 2022:  https://conta.cc/3UZCyTp

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