21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

July 17, 2020

What can I do?

Is this a question you find yourself asking during these days of unrest in our country? If you are willing to commit a bit of time, we have a suggestion for you and those you love. The 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge is an opportunity to push yourself using books, articles,Ted talks, podcasts, movies, etc. that your preference allows. It is a program that has lots of space for reflection, and is ideal for an individual, couple, family, or parish group. An article might take 10 minutes of your day, a podcast or Ted talk might take 20 minutes, and a movie would obviously take longer. But the commitment is yours, so you decide what you would like to do each day during the 21 day period.

If you have any questions, contact jpitzer@trinitynola.com or cathyposey@hotmail.com