Daily Meditation: October 13, 2020

by Marcia Jahncke on October 13, 2020

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one has found a treasure. Faithful friends are beyond price; no amount can balance their worth. Faithful friends are life saving medicine; and those who fear the Lord find them. Those who fear the Lord direct their friendship aright,
For as they are, so are their neighbors.

- Sirach 6:14-17

Coming out from under anesthetic following minor surgery, the first thing I saw was my friend, DeDe Schuhmacher, sitting at the foot of my bed reading quietly. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “I just wanted to be with you. I love you. Go back to sleep.” With a sense of well being, I did. When I awakened she was gone, but not really. The comfort of her friendship was and always will be with me – unselfish, compassionate, steadfast, reassuring.

Remind you of anyone? I was reminded of one who longs to be present in my life, who constantly expresses His love for me and offers rest and peace in times of adversity. “In Jesus Christ, God thrusts the divine hand of friendship, reconciliation, and redemption, through the door separating us from God.” {Brother Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE}. We have only to take His hand to know the blessing of
perfect friendship. He teaches us how to direct our friendship aright.

I am ever grateful for my precious friends who are truly beyond price. Like all things of value, they are a gift from God. He has been incredibly generous with me. Thankfully, every day I have an opportunity to return the gift of His friendship by seeking His presence, affirming my love, and striving to be an instrument of His peace. After all, I have been taught, if you want to have a friend, be a friend.

Musical Reflection That's What Friends are For - Dionne Warwick and Friends

Give thanks to the Lord for your friend who stirs you up to love and good works, encouraging you in your walk with God and in the roles God has for you.  - Hebrews 10:24-25