The Blessing of the Lemonade Sisters

by Ashley Eastham, Aaron Taylor on June 01, 2021

With their father John's help, Renny and Rosie have raised close to $1,000.00 for Trinity Loaves and Fishes at their lemonade stand in Audubon Park.

John, Renny and Rosie are beloved TLF volunteers. The young entrepreneurs have been operating their lemonade stand since March of 2019, donating all their profits. Their lemonade stand in Audubon Park has become a weekend staple and can bring in upwards of $150.00 -  all by design. John works with his daughters in budgeting their expenses and creating an outstanding product. The girls have perfected their lemonade recipe; the morning before set-up, they squeeze 30 lemons by hand! 

Trinity Loaves and Fishes is a lucky recipient of monthly donations from the lemonade stand, near $1000.00 in total. Other recipients include a children's school in Liberia. We are beyond grateful for Renny and Rosie's incredible generosity, but more so, inspired by their dedication to serving our community. What a blessing!