Trinity Loaves and Fishes: 2022 First Quarter Report

by Ashley Eastham, Aaron Taylor on April 25, 2022

TLF Hot Food Program

kicked off March 10

500 Hot Meals Served

in the first month of operations

Welcome Chef Kelly Williams

our new hire for TLF Hot Food Program

600 TLF To-Go Bags

served weekly

Arabi Tornado Response

over 500 meals served by 40 volunteers

6 Months of PB&J Supplies

donated by two local schools

It's Only the Beginning

The first months of 2022 were marked by huge developments for Trinity Loaves and Fishes. We are so grateful for our incredible volunteers and staff who give so much time and energy to our ministry and the community weekly. Both the quality and quantity of meals we serve have an impactful role in helping our neighbors in need.

TLF Hot Food Program

In March of 2022, Trinity Loaves & Fishes launched a long-anticipated hot food program to provide hot meals to the Central City neighborhood. We are proud to be renting space from a community partner, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located only six blocks away from Trinity. On Thursday mornings, Chef Kelly Williams and volunteers prep, cook, box and serve over 110 meals to a long line of residents by 12:30pm. The new program has reinvigorated a few of the very first TLF volunteer groups, formed just after Hurricane Katrina, who were unable to serve during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also welcomed Trinity School students!

In just the first month of operation, TLF's Hot Food Program has provided over 500 hot meals to residents of Central City. The goal is to double that number in the next few months. Our dedicated volunteers are making it fun - engaged in lively conversation, laughing, taste-testing meals, and connecting with the community. This program has had so much support from the church, school, and community - it's a blessing.

Arabi Tornado

TLF responded to the devastating tornado in Arabi just 12 hours after impact. Our operation made over 505 extra meals during the first 72 hours of cleanup, in addition to our regularly scheduled 300 meals for community partners. This massive operation made TLF To-Go bags at our Trinity Church site and simultaneously cooked 105 hot meals at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Over 40 volunteers, spread over six shifts, made meals and delivered meals to Arabi. Our friends at Rolling River Rescue additionally provided 100 pounds of dog food for affected household pets.

As needed, TLF is prepared to mobilize for natural disaster emergency response, particularly as we enter into hurricane season. Trinity Loaves and Fishes (originally Mobile Loaves and Fishes) was, of course, founded as a response to Hurricane Katrina. We must continue that good work for years to come.

Continued TLF To-Go Bags

TLF provides 600 meals a week to our neighbors in need, operating five days a week out of Bishop Polk Hall. The meals are distributed predominantly through relationships with 12 community partners. We are looking forward to a rapid increase of meals for our friends at Jesus Project Ministries, Anna’s Place, and St. Roch’s Community Church when the children’s summer camp starts. Due to COVID-19, the summer camps we have served in the past were either cut short or down-sized significantly. As a result, there will soon be a call for more summer volunteers. Are you interested in serving with TLF this summer? Contact

Special Thanks to Trinity & Kehoe-France Schools

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Trinity Loaves & Fishes worked to build relationships with some local elementary schools, who could support some of TLF's supply needs. Special thanks to Trinity Episcopal School, who's students of all ages fill two weekly volunteer shifts, making TLF To-Go Bags and with the TLF Hot Food program at the off-site kitchen.

Our friends in the 4th grade in Metairie at Kehoe-France Elementary School collected over six months of PB&J supplies to support TLF. Their students also participated in education and discussion regarding the unhoused community in New Orleans. Participation with Trinity Loaves and Fishes provides a unique opportunity for youth to practice empathy and compassion, and to serve their local community. Please reach out if you know of a school or class that would like to connect with TLF.

Your Gift

As the vision and impact of TLF has increased drastically in the beginning of 2022, so did the budget. As food costs rise the price of our weekly supplies has increased. The launch of the TLF Hot Food Program required purchases of new equipment, rental space, and compensation for part-time employees.

YOUR GIFT MAKES A HUGE IMPACT. All of TLF's good work is made possible by the incredible generosity of people like you. Please consider making a tax-exempt donation to Trinity Loaves & Fishes today!

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