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The Historian

Wednesday, February 24 at 12:00pm
Chris Dier, 2020 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year, Author of The 1868 St. Bernard Parish Massacre: Blood in the Cane Fields, and AP United States History at Benjamin Franklin High School will offer a mini-lecture on his book and it’s modern day implications and parallels to our current political environment as it relates to voting, power, and fear.


The District Attorney

Wednesday, March 3 at 12:00pm
Jason Williams, District Attorney of Orleans Parish, will shed light onto the criminal justice landscape in New Orleans and his efforts for juvenile justice. He will help us understand the fundamentals of criminal justice, how it is structured, the role that race and ethnicity plays and what reforms are needed to ensure a more just system. 

The Law Professor

Wednesday, March 10 at 12:00pm
Tania Tetlow is the president of Loyola University. She is a former federal prosecutor and legal scholar on racism in the criminal justice system. To build upon the work Jason is doing, Tania will discuss how the criminal justice system fails to protect marginalized people.

The Hope House

Wednesday, March 17 at 12:00pm
Don Everard, Executive Director of Hope House and Sr. Lilianne who visits with women in the Orleans Parish jail, as well as a man on Angola State Penitentiary’s Death Row, will share with us what they’ve learned about the community they serve in order to better inform us on how we can more effectively support the work that Hope House has been doing for 50 years to become a visible sign of Christian community, to live and work with the poor, to manifest the human concern of Jesus for all people, to foster dignity and respect in the neighborhood and to help create a society where truth and justice abide.

Event Coordinator

Ashley Bond



Wednesday, February 24, 2021


12:00pm - 1:00pm

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