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Foundations Class (begins February 18) - Learn the basics of Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition. This class meets for 6 weeks at 12:00pm in the school library. Register below. Contact Ashley Bond at

Class 1 (February 18): The Sacramental JourneyIn this class, we will talk about the nature of the sacraments, discuss what we do when we practice each of the sacraments, and the relationship between the sacraments and grace.

Class 2 (February 25): Marking TimeIn this class, we'll explore how the church tells time. We will delve into how the daily office structures our days through prayer, how the organization of the Christian calendar brings into focus Holy Week, Easter, and the Christian lifecycle from birth to resurrection in Christ.
Class 3 (March 3): Basic BeliefsIn this class, we will discuss the Episcopal Church's approach to four basic elements of our spiritual lives: the creeds, in which we state what we believe as a church; reading scripture; understanding good works in the context of God's grace; and prayer.
Class 4 (March 10)The Church - In this class, we will examine what the church is: who makes up the church, what the mission of the church is, and how being part of the church differs from being part of other types of organization.
Class 5 (March 17): A Trinitarian LifeIn this class, we will attempt to grasp the Holy Trinity. Not the nature of the triune God, but the ways in which the different persons of God reveal themselves in human history, in scripture, and in our lives. We will talk about our interactions with God the creator, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit and discuss  how Episcopalians can (and should) engage a calling that can make Episcopalians very uncomfortable: evangelism.
Class 6 (March 25): Finding Spiritual Practices, Knowing our Story, and Telling Our Story

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Event Coordinator

Ashley Bond



Sunday, February 18, 2024


12:00pm - 1:00pm


School Library

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