Enneagram Workshop 2: Exploring Our Reactivity


One of Trinity’s beloved visiting teachers, Sandra Smith, MDiv., will be with us for a weekend of deepening spiritual practice and personal growth using the Enneagram and to celebrate the publishing of her first book, The Enneagram Map to your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type!

Details of Workshop 2 below.  Learn more about Workshop 1 on Saturday, October 6.

Workshop 2

Sunday, October 6, 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Exploring Our Reactivity—If You Spot It, You’ve Got It!

“I am more than I have shown you and more than you are willing to see. Let’s do our work and get to know each other more fully.” - Mark Nepo

What drives your reactivity? What are three forms of your reactivity? Exploring these questions leads us to consider our projections and our judgments. The parts of ourselves that we have not accepted or fully welcomed we project onto others. Our Enneagram type offers some pathways to explore the triggers leading to our loss of self when we engage reactivity.

Bring you curiosity and open mind as we engage in inquiry and self-reflection and accept more of who we are. Some of this teaching will draw from Belinda’s Gore’s book, Finding Freedom: Objects Relations and the Enneagram.

Please Note: The Enneagram is a tool for deepening personal awareness and spiritual growth. In order to participate in these workshops you must know your type. A typing interview will orient you to become aware of your habitual behaviors and the motivations behind them. You may set up a typing interview with Maria Elliott at melliott@trinitynola.com.

Event Coordinator

Maria Elliott



Sunday, October 6, 2024


12:30pm - 4:30pm


1329 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, LA US 70130

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