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If you are interested in learning more about this ministry and/or are ready to join our team of young people, please email acolyte coordinator Carrie Lewis at  .

Acolyte Guidelines and Responsibilities

  1. Schedule: Sign up via Sign Up Genius. If this is your first time serving, welcome to the ministry! Please let us know before your first Sunday so that there is extra time to answer any questions. 
  2. Arrive on Time: For new acolytes, arrive in the vesting room by 10:00am, returning acolytes, report upstairs by 10:10am. 
  3. Vesting: You must be vested and ready to serve 20 minutes before the service. Choose a black cassock and white surplice of appropriate length from the acolyte closet in the vesting room. Shoes should be comfortable and easy to walk in; not noisy or distracting. Pockets should not have phones, games, or snacks.
  4. Crosses:
    • Wooden Cross for your first Sunday serving
    • “I Am The Vine” Cross (3rd-7th grade)
    • Jerusalem Cross for High Schoolers (8th-12th grade)
    • Colorful  Jerusalem Cross for Acolyte Captain.
  5. During the Service: Participate in the service with your bulletin, hymnal, and BCP. Ask questions in a whisper. 
  6. A Few Reminders: 
    • You are an important part of the liturgy.
    • Invite your friends to serve with you!
    • At the conclusion of the service, hang up your cassock and surplice. 

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Let us help you find your niche. Explore and discern your unique spiritual gifts, and find where they are most needed.

How can I serve?

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